Monday, September 22, 2014

A Dog, A Cat, A Leaf Pile and Some Endorphins

Enjoying the simple things life has to offer is something both cats and dogs do very well. They also help us to remember to do the same.

We are conditioned to think that we need to buy them toys but there are many ways to provide enrichment for them that are not available in any pet store. Watch how much fun the cat and dog in the videos below have playing in a pile of leaves. The best things in life really are free.

While they are having fun and getting exercise by tearing into a pile of leaves their pet parents are also benefiting. Just listen to their laughter as they watch their pet play. Pets make us laugh and benefit our health in so many ways.
Studies indicate an improvement in body chemicals associated with a healthy immune system. We may soon see a time when people at risk for certain types of illness including cancer may be prescribed a Chihuahua. Top 10 Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dog Kisses vs Kitty Hugs

People who don't care for cats or simply don't understand them seem to have an odd obsession with them - and it is not good-obsessed. It is a "make-sure-everyone-believes-the-worse-about-cats" obsession.

I don't get it. 

There are certain unkind ideas expressed about cats that are either not true at all or are half-truths. One of the common ones is that cats do not express affection toward their owners. This is an example: 

In fact, if a cat were "claiming you", it would urinate on you. Head bunting, as it is actually called is a friendly exchange ..... 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Claws - Dogs Have Them Too

I had a dog once that was a problem digger. Not only was the yard full of holes but he would dig up things I had planted in the garden. One spring I had purchased a nice little shrub that he dug up immediately after I planted it. I replanted it and he dug it up again .... and again .... and again.

All dogs dig for one reason or another. Some dog breeds are actually bred to dig. They dig holes to lie down in and they dig to escape enclosures. Some dig because they are bored.
"The common trait for all of these breeds is that they dig because they find it gratifying" Dogtime: The dirt on dogs who dig
Dogs claws do other types of damage besides digging. Their scratching can do significant damage to hardwood floors and other surfaces - walls, window sills, doors and door frames. This can be of special concern if you are a renter. They can also cause serious injury to humans with their claws when they scratch bare skin.

photo source

It is natural for dogs to dig and scratch and both digging and scratching are common problems for dog owners. There are many experts offering advice about how to cope when these behaviours become a problem. One thing you won't see recommended for dogs to prevent damage due to unwanted digging or scratching is declawing