Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meet Spencer

Spencer is one of Nanny's grandkitties. He is a very sweet boy. He brings this little "baby" (shown in the picture above) with him everywhere. He even "feeds" it by placing it in the food bowl face down - SO CUTE!!! Spencer is very vocal and has a loud, long meow that cannot be ignorned. He is very playful and very affectionate.

For the next week Spencer will go everywhere Nanny goes. Watch for us on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Google Buzz.

One of his favourite places to sleep

Relaxing on the bed - with his baby, of course

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Safe and Happy Halloween

photo from
 The big night is fast approaching and the big decision must be made - will you or will you not dress your pet in a Halloween costume? Nanny doesn't want to take sides but I can't deny I find photos like the one above to be laugh out loud funny! If you choose to dress up your pet, use the same common sense rules you would apply when considering a costume for your child.  For example, make sure their vision isn't obstructed. Aside from the blatantly obvious, they could become frightened if they can't see properly. Add some reflective material. Choose a costume that is easy to get on and off (avoid something that has to be pulled over their head).  Make certain they can walk/move comfortably and that they aren't going to be too hot/cold.

Costumes aren't the only issue. Take extra precautions to keep your pet safe. Keep candy out of reach. Dogs especially will eat them wrapper and all. Don't forget too that chocolate is a big no-no for both dogs and cats. Kitties like to play with candy wrappers but may swallow them which could lead to a bowel obstruction or choking. Keep pets away from lit candles. Nanny's cat once swished her bushy tail through a lit candle. Very scary! Vets have reported an increase in visits to their emergency clinics on Halloween night . Let's not have your cat or dog be one of them!

Where will Nanny's cats be on Halloween night?  In the bedroom with the door closed - most likely hiding under the bed.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

This is very self-indulgent, I know. Nanny is another year older today. Wiser? In some ways, perhaps.

I'm very pleased with the way my blog is shaping up. I've gone for a simpler design, choosing content over groovy graphics. I've also added a store. Click on "Nanny's Picks" to shop Amazon for pet related books, dvds, and games. I've tried to keep the content "family" rated but if you should find anything that shouldn't be there, please let me know. Hope you enjoy reading my blog and come back often.

Nanny McFur

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Giving Thanks for our Pets

Canadian Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I want to take the opportunity to give thanks for all the joy my cats bring into my life.

A much younger/slimmer Kizzie
Kizzie. Big old fat cat I call her. A huge ball of fur. She is a Maine Coon weighing in at around 20 lbs. We like to say she is "big-furred" but everyone knows she could stand to lose a couple of pounds. She is some where between 8 and 10 years old. I'm not certain because I adopted her when she was around 1 or 2. She is a one person (me) cat. Others may be allowed to pet her but it would be by appointment only. She mostly sleeps, eats, and poops but occassionally she still plays and runs around the house. When she does, it is comical because she looks like a giant fur ball on what seems to be 2 inch legs! She is almost always in the same room as I am and I'm grateful for her company.

Cutie Pie Sunny
Sunny is my baby. I adopted him about 4 years ago when he was just a kitten. I have always wanted a big orange tom cat. This boy, however, stayed little. He even has a cute little kitten meow. I love him to pieces. He is quite a clown and very intelligent. He's a bright orange DSH with lighter orange swirls instead of stripes. His eyes are also orange. When I get into bed at night, he gets on the pillow and rub his head through my hair. He purrs and purrs then cuddles up beside me and falls asleep.

Are you giving thanks for your pets this Thanksgiving? Share your stories.