Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let sleeping cats lie

Yesterday my cats slept for the better part of 14 hours straight. They got up briefly a couple of times to have a bit of food or water then went right back to bed - my bed.  Any time I needed to go in my room I was careful not to disturb them. When I went in to get dressed I pulled my clothes on standing up rather than sitting on the bed, wobbling all over the place and nearly falling over. This is something we all do as pet lovers isn't it? If the little darlings are laying on our favourite chair, we go sit some place else. If they are sleeping on our bed the only thing we can do is admire how darn adorable they look when they are sleeping. We are helpless against their cuteness. My two must be up and active in the night if they are sleeping that much during the day. Hopefully they are not getting into too much trouble.

Until next time

The lion fast asleep after the wicked witch cast a spell using poppies


  1. BOL! We do the same thing with Fred and Gloria. Tiptoe around as not to disturb them! You know what they say, Let sleeping dogs/cats lay! LOL!

  2. Aw, your kitties are lucky to have you! Sounds like they are spoiled rotten, as they should be :)