Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hypoallergenic Cats?

It really is a shame that some people are allergic to cats. At a family gathering at my Dad and stepmother's home, one of the grandchildren who was allergic to cats began having trouble breathing. My Dad does not have any pets. The culprit was two of us there who had cats at home. Just that exposure to whatever was on our clothing was enough to cause her to be in distress.

I have heard of non-allergic cats and I wanted to know more. What is it that causes some people to be allergic?

Allergies to cats usually come because of cat dander, the actual skin that flakes off of cats. This dander can float in the air for hours, as well as found in bedding, sofas, and rugs. Dander can be a real irritant to those suffering with cat allergies. Another culprit that causes allergies to cats is their saliva and urine. The allergen that cats have in their dander and saliva is a protein. This protein is sticky and can therefore be carried on clothes and anywhere a cat has been present. The cat allergen can even be present up to 6 months after a cat is removed from a home. Read more: What Causes Allergies to Cats? |

No cat is hypoallergenic. It is just that some produce less of the protein that causes some folks to have an allergic reaction. Some shed less. Some interesting facts from Catster:

  • Males produce more allergenic secretions than females
  • Intact males produce more than neutered males
  • Dark cats tend to produce more than light-colored ones (no one knows why)
  • Kittens produce fewer allergens than adults

Photo: Cat Dog's Lover's Blogs
The Balinese is a suggested breed as being less allergenic. I chose to post it because I had never seen it before and I think it is pretty darn cute. There is a wide variety of coats for this breed. It is believed this breed came about from a spontaneous mutation when long haired kittens where born to a Siamese around 1940.

They are a petite cat. Females weigh between 5 - 6 pounds and the males weigh between 7 - 8 pounds. Look at Catster for more detailed information about the Balinese.

Some photos below show how strikingly different this breed can be. Nanny has to say the kitten in the first photo (above) is the one I would scoop up and run home with! You will notice they all have blue eyes.

Balinese Tabby Kittens

Sealpoint Balinese
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  1. Interesting article. I'm with you - I'd scoop up that first one too and run off with him. He's a real cutie.