Thursday, May 10, 2012

GuZoo must be closed

In 1987 a place called GuZoo was opened in Alberta, 100 kilometers northeast of Calgary. They call themselves a licensed zoo and animal sanctuary. Shortly after opening, their trouble s began. By 1993, an ASPCA investigator told the Calgary Herald, "I have nightmares thinking about these animals."

Various groups have united to see this place closed and the animals re-homed to better circumstances. In March 2011 a Facebook page with (warning: graphic) photographic evidence of animal abuse went viral. This got the attention of the Alberta government and in June 2011 they ordered the zoo to be closed

The owners' response was to declare GuZoo to be a church and then filed an appeal.

A judicial review slated for January 2012 was cancelled. The hearing has been postponed indefinitely and no rationale has been given for that decision.

In the meantime zoo owners are complaining about restrictions that have been put on them saying "it's bad for business" One example given by the owners is not being allowed to move animals on or off premises without permission. This hindrance means they cannot take advantage of opportunities such as feeding the big carnivores a farmer's dead horse.

It seems that rather than purchasing feed at approved facilities, these owners are not only purchasing dead animals from other farmers to feed to their animals, they have begun  euthanizing some of their animals to feed the others.

It truly is a tragedy


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