Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cats Don't Play Frisbee

People with dogs can go to the park or beach with their pet in the summer and enjoy throwing a Frisbee or stick, chase a ball, or go swimming. People with cats cannot. It really is best to keep cats indoors but those who do go outdoors don't do anything fun for humans to participate in.

It is a good thing cats could care less (about most things, actually) so they don't know they are missing anything. Still, as a cat owner I sometimes envy folks who go out with their dogs and enjoy the good summer weather.

Dogs Play Fetch

Photo: Dog Cuties

Cats Sleep

Photo: Cats Do

 Dogs Play in Water

Photo: Dog Cuties

Cats Sleep

Photo: Best Things in Beauty

Dogs Play with Balls

Photo: Happy Tails Pet Sitting

Cats ...well, you get the idea

Photo: Smile Awhile Photo Album

I will just have to be content relaxing at home with my cats and enjoying something from the grill. Cheers!

Photo: Dave's Rib Tips


  1. Well I have one cat, Baby, who fetches on occasion, as a kitten she did it all the time

    urban hounds

  2. I guess us cat owners have to try harder to make those special moments to play with our cats, huh? My guy, turned 18 in March - he's more into the sleeping cat thing....

    Dropping by on the pet blogger hop today! Loving the look on his face that says, "I'm tired of all this weeding."

    Sometimes when I work in dog rescue, which is almost every weekend, I come across a dog that needs a special home or a special family. Right now we've got Skylark, a six month old deaf puppy, to place. That's why I really liked the family that has Lola the Pug. Enjoy their song about Lola, the Pug who Cannot Run at

  3. Tubby - yes! Some cats do catch and bring the toy back.
    Cherie - Thanks for dropping by. I will check out the video.